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"Universal Appeal"

A series of paintings and limited edition prints by Jennfier Wilfong.

The universal appeal of the human body is my main inspiration for this group of paintings. Throughout history artists have attempted to capture the human body in one form or another. I think it's our innate tendency to gravitate towards the simple, proportioned, and unadorned beauty found in nature that perpetually calls artists to try their hand at recreating and interpreting that beauty.

All are hand painted with India ink and China marker on Rives Arches paper. The original drawings are larger than life - three feet wide by six feet tall - and are based on the female body. The drawings will be on view and available for purchase at the Hotel Victor in the ocean front luxury suites.

From these originals I've selected small vignettes to create a series of limited edition prints. The limited editions will be on view throughout the rest of the suites and available for purchase exclusively through the Hotel Victor's in-house boutique.

Click here to view Jennifer's promotional piece for the Victor Hotel

Click here to view the "Universal Appeal" series